Paul Hardman has been the Head Coach of Willoughby Swim Club since 2014. Paul possesses an abundance of swimming knowledge and experience, holding a Platinum licence in swimming coaching, the highest level attainable and being one of the very few in NSW to achieve this qualification.


Paul is a two time Australian Olympic Coach, and has additionally been selected as a national team coach for World Championships, Commonwealth Games and  Pan Pacific Championships.


He has won several accolades for his achievements to date including NSW coach of the year on 2 occasions and Age group coach of the year on 1 occasion. He is a recipient of the Australian Sports medal in 2000 for contributions to the sport of swimming and appears on the ASCTA honour roll for Fina World Champion coaches.


Paul Holds a diploma in teaching Physical Education and most importantly maintains an exceptional degree of enthusiasm and dedication to the sport of swimming. A passionate advocate for the sport of swimming, Paul continues to enjoy coaching and guiding swimmers forward in the sport.



Rudy is a Bronze licence coach with more than 20 years coaching experience who has completed studies in sports science and coaching. Rudy is known as a drill master with expansive knowledge on specific drills utilised to develop and master great technique. A strong understanding of human physiology allows Rudy to plan and execute targeted sessions to achieve desirable outcomes. A proponent of allowing the swimmer to develop gradually, supports our philosophy of nurturing the athletes towards their late teens where we know they are better equipped to take on the challenges of the sport at the elite level.


Rudy has been involved with Willoughby Swim Club since 2005 and continues to play a vital hand in the development of all of  Willoughby’s elite swimmer and club success.



Coach Hardman and Coach Burattini work together at all level of the Willoughby Swim Club program and the Willoughby Swim Squads program. Collaboratively sharing ideas, coaching philosophy, and coaching responsibilities, they stand together as team coaches supporting all athletes at all level. Their expectation is that all swimmers will engage both coaches throughout their competitive swimming journey.