Membership categories and fees


We have three categories of membership:


1. Competitive Swimmer

A competitive swimmer is a WSC member who may compete at club, area, state or national level, including Friday Night Club races and annual WSC Championships. This swimmer can also use the Active Kids $100 voucher to reduce their swim fees. 


2. Friday Night Club Swimmer

A Friday night club swimmer may only participate in our Friday Night Club races, but not any external competition meets. This category suits swimmers wanting to swim to keep fit and / or who are interested in developing racing skills. This category often suits children new to swimming, wanting to practice and develop racing skills in their local pool first.


3. Non-Swimmer

A non-swimmer is a member of the club but does not compete, or participate in club races. This is the category that parents of swimming children are required to join (if they do not want to swim as Competitive or Friday Night Club Swimmers.



Membership Type Fees  
 NEW Member - 9 yrs & over Competitive Swimmer$240.55
 NEW Member - 9 yrs & over Friday Club Night only$160.37
 NEW Member - 8 yrs & under swimmer$130.95
 RENEWING Only - 9 yrs & over Competitive Swimmer$180.67 
 RENEWING Only - 9 yrs & over Friday Club Night only$110.63
 RENEWING Only - 8 yrs & under swimmer$96.44
 Non swimmer$40.10



Total fees payable include fees charged by Swimming Australia and Swimming NSW.


For each Swimmer category above, the combined Swimming Australia and Swimming NSW fee is $74. These fees are charged by the two bodies regardless of the time of year at joining. NOTE: for the swimmers 8 yrs & under the combined fee is $62.


For the Non-Swimmer category, the fee is $22.50 (Swimming NSW).