How to join

Membership for the 2020/2021 swimming season commenced on 1st October 2020 and finish on 30th September 2021.



The process for joining Willoughby Swim Club is through the online system on the Swimming NSW website.


The online process includes payment by credit card, with a transaction fee added (Swimming NSW sets these terms).


One parent from each family must join our club with their child so they are covered by insurance when volunteering with us.


For details about this and our other membership requirements on joining, please read Information Parents Must Know on the page 'When you join'.


To proceed to join us

Click through the link above, and scroll down to the large 'JOIN A CLUB' call out box

SELECT region: Metro North East

SELECT Club: Willoughby SC Inc


The membership category for a parent is the Non-Swimming Member. The fee is only $40.10. A good way to proceed is to start the membership process with the parent first and then proceed to your child's membership.


Please note: Discounts apply where two or more children are joining up from the same family as Swimming Members, at the same time. You will be able to select the family group package with the applicable number of children, and the relevant discount will be automatically applied.  The discount will not be applied automatically in the system if a second or further child is joined separately or at a later date.



Willoughby Swim Club sends current members a renewal email via Swimming Australia in September for the new swimming year that commences on 1st October. A link is embedded in the email to help make the renewal process easier.


For families, a single renewal notice will cover the parent (Non-swimmer) member plus all current child (Swimmer) members. To renew, a parent will need their User Name and password login details at hand.


If any aspect of your current membership changes, please first contact our Registrar before renewing.


IMPORTANT: When you renew, please check carefully that the categories listed for each swimmer, and total fees, are correct. If details need to be changed, please contact the club Registrar BEFORE payment so changes can be made. Email or go through the WSC contact page.



If transferring from another club, please email the Registrar at


Please advise the Registrar of the following information for all persons transferring:

  • Full name
  • NSW Swimming Registration number
  • Date of birth


If a parent is also a member of the other club, and will also be the parent who joins Willoughby Swim Club then that parent will also need to transfer to us. A transfer fee may be charged for a family transferring.