Club Night Racing

Club Point Score

A point score is run on club nights with 1 point being allocated for each event entered up to a maximum of 3 events and 1 point being allocated for PB for a club swim. Our Summer and Winter seasons are combined for the point score and awards are made at Presentation Day held at the end of September each year.

Senior point score: Perpetual Trophy for 13/over for both male and female.
Junior point score: Medals for the 10 highest points scorers – 12/under all ages combined for both male and female.

The latest Club Night Racing results are  under Results

Club Championships

Club Championships are held once a year, generally late July/early August and prior to the State Age Winter Championships.

Eligibility for Club Championships is based on being a fully paid, 1st claim member who has participated in a minimum number of six (6) Friday evening Club races. State and SMNE Area carnivals can be substituted for some Club races, however three (3) Friday evening Club races must be included in these to make up the minimum number of six.

Entries for Club Championships are on official entry multi cards and are to be submitted to the Race Secretary on the date elected by him/her. The program will be emailed and posted on this site.

Age Champions are decided from the Club Championships and these are worked out on a point’s basis. For Club Championships the points are calculated as follows:

1st Place: 8 points
2nd place: 6 points
3rd place: 4 points
4th place: 3 points
5th place: 2 points
6th place: 1 point

Open events are not included in the age champion point score however, are calculated on a separate point’s basis. Any swimmer is eligible to enter the Open events, provided they have reached the nominated qualifying time.

At the Presentation Day the following trophies are presented to our swimmers who have participated in the Club Championships.

Perpetual Trophies Age Champions in the following age groups:

• 15/over Female 15/over Male
• 14 Female 14 Male
• 13 Female 13 Male

Perpetual Trophy winners and runners up receive a small trophy to keep. Trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd are given by age group to ages 12/Under, both male and female.

Brett Hill Memorial Trophy

The Brett Hill Trophy is part of our Championships and is open to all swimmers who participated in either a 50m or 100m butterfly race in those Championships. Points for this event do not go towards the Age or Open point scores. At the conclusion of the Championships a 50m handicap butterfly race is held with heats and then the handicapped final. The winner of the final is the trophy holder for the following year.